Glamour erotica Retrospective

Glamour erotica as a genre!

Glamour photography

Glamour photography is a genre of photography in which the subjects are portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to nude. The simpler way is performed by Czech Casting girls. The term may be a euphemism for erotic photography. For glamour models, right body shape and size is directly related to success. On the other hand, it's not that important for PublicAgent guys. This is particularly true of the female breast, you can see them in abundance in Mofos HD movies, where having their size and shape altered by breast implants is considered crucial for success in the glamour industry. You can find many such models by checking those HD porn videos. This type of photography is colloquially known as "cheesecake" for women and "beefcake" for men.



Glamour photography is generally a composed image of a subject in a still position. The subjects of "glamour" photography for professional use are often professional models, and the photographs are normally intended for commercial use, including mass-produced calendars, pinups and men's magazines such as Maxim; but amateur subjects are also sometimes used, and sometimes the photographs are intended for private and personal use only. Photographers use a combination of cosmetics, lighting and airbrushing techniques to produce an appealing image of the subject.


Standards and styles

Standards and styles of glamour photography change over time, reflecting for example changes in social acceptance and taste. In the early 1920s, United States photographers like Ruth Harriet Louise and George Hurrell photographed celebrities to glamorize their stature by utilizing lighting techniques to develop dramatic effects. Nowadays, there is X Art porn.

Since the 1990s glamour photography has increased in popularity among the public. Glamour portrait studios opened, offering professional hair and makeup artists and professional retouching to allow the general public to have the "model" experience. These sometimes include "boudoir" portraits but are more commonly used by professionals and high school seniors who want to look "their best" for their portraits.

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