General positions on the following issues are briefly summarized. Click on Proposed Bills or the links to get further details.

  • Constitutional compliance and reform. What should be the leading issue for every candidate. Much of this site is about it.
  • Jobs and global competitiveness. Repeal job-killing legislation and regulation of all kinds, and eliminate taxes on repatriated offshore earnings.
  • Money, taxing, spending, and debt. End deficits within six years and pay off the debt. Repeal statute making debt instruments legal tender. Replace income tax on labor with purchase tax on things used for production. Seek convertibiity of currencies to energy units.
  • Entitlements and subsidies. Eliminate or phase out all federal entitlements and subsidies within six years, except for R&D.
  • Defense and foreign policy. Accelerate the replacement of troops by technology, reduce off-shore deployments and installations and put more emphasis on rapid response. No warlike action without consent of Congress.
  • Immigration. Increase funding for enforcement of existing laws by a factor of at least five. Make it easier for high-skilled younger workers to become citizens.
  • Education. Repurpose toward militia training for defense, law enforcement, and disaster response. Encourage use of Lancasterian methods and military boarding schools for at-risk youth.
  • R&D and energy. Increase funding for basic and applied R&D to regain technological edge for U.S. in health care, resources, and world trade. Encourage development of new medical treatments, technologies, and alternatives such as space solar power. Find effective treatments for addiction.